Design Assist & Design Build

In Design Assist and Design Build projects, Cahill teams with architects and engineers to take a frontline role in bringing a concept to reality.  This approach is an efficient way for owners to achieve the best value for their project.


Design Assist

Through formal or informal design assist relationships, we work together with owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors from the early stages of preconstruction in order to brainstorm and research design options, review for constructability, and analyze cost implications. 


Design Build

Cahill is well-versed in spearheading design build MEPS scopes of work, bringing on board experienced subcontractors to collaboratively design systems that are cost-effective and high quality, and then leading the team through final design, permitting, construction, and commissioning.


Cahill also has experience with turnkey design build project delivery, where we partner with architects and engineers to provide a complete construction solution for an owner. 


What are the benefits of this approach? 

  • Aligns the contractor, architect, and engineer toward the same goal: to deliver the owner’s vision with a cost-effective design.
  • Leverages Cahill’s construction expertise and cost knowledge from the very beginning of design.
  • Minimizes design revisions due to constructability issues and over-budget designs.
  • Provides a seamless transition from design into construction.
  • Compresses the overall project schedule by eliminating rework and inefficiencies.
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