Community Involvement

Cahill Contractors is deeply tied to the San Francisco Bay Area. We are proud to contribute to the betterment of communities in which we work.  


Workforce & Small/Local Business Participation

Cahill has a proactive track record of successfully utilizing disadvantaged and small/local businesses on both sides of the bay. Cahill embraces and actively seeks to surpass any goals or requirements for small/local business involvement.  


Many of Cahill’s projects also include local and minority hiring goals. Cahill makes a concerted effort to train those hired through these programs and to retain them as long-term members of the Cahill team. Additionally, we actively manage local participation by our Subcontractors and routinely arrange outreach sessions with local employment centers.


We have worked with the following agencies in the past that have required local hiring contract compliance:

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
City of San Francisco
City of Oakland
City of Berkeley

“Cahill Contractors was one of the few contractors to take the small business contracting and local hiring goals seriously.”
-Kimberly Wilson. Former Contract Compliance Specialist, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, June 2011

Internship Programs

Cahill is a founding partner in the Construction Industry Workforce Initiative (CIWI), offering paid summer internships in project management and office support to college students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Students receive job skills training, career exposure, and mentoring over the course of a 12-week program. The program is off to a successful start and is actively seeking to grow its impact. 


Cahill has also offered internship experiences for high school students through schools and summer programs in San Francisco and the East Bay, providing career exploration and basic job skills for these youth.

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